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Madeleen Shaqalieh and Salvia Hasan win first and second places in the MIL competition for radio workers

The Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation- PYALARA, in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “UNESCO”, organized the Media and Information Literacy competition for radio workers 2021, which included Mawal radio crews, 4 FM from the West Bank, and Zaman radio from Gaza.

The competition was attended by: Rawan Abu Surour from Mawal radio in Bethlehem Governorate, Taha Hussein from 4 FM radio in Hebron Governorate, Salvia Hasan, Issa Issa, Hamdi Al-Hattab, and Madeleen Shaqalieh from Zaman radio in Gaza, in addition to PYALARA staff in the West Bank and Gaza.

Two journalists, Madeleen Shaqalieh and Salvia Hasan, won the first and second places from Zaman Radio in the Gaza Strip, while journalist Taha Hussein from 4 FMadio in Hebron came in third.

The competition was administered by the MIL staff in PYALARA, which included: Helmy Abu Atwan, Hatem Abu Zeid, Reem Al-Ali, and Hikmat Al-Masry, where Helmy Abu Atwan stressed the importance of enhancing awareness among the selected Palestinian radio crews of media and information literacy skills, in addition to the need to integrate these skills within the media fields in which they work.

In turn, Yanal Al-Nabali from PYALARA indicated that this competition came as the crown jewel of a group of intensive training received by radio crews within the pillars of media and information literacy over the previous period.

While the participants praised the pivotal role of PYALARA in educating Palestinian media professionals about media and information literacy skills according to the current developments that indicate citizens’ orientation towards modern media and social media platforms, pointing out the need to inculcate a culture of media and information literacy as an approach according to which Palestinian radio stations operate.

 This competition is part of the "Radio and Media and Information Literacy Standards" project, which targets workers in Palestinian radio stations, in partnership between "PYALARA" and "UNESCO".