"Allisotak" has been broadcast weekly and live on Palestinian television since 2002, with the efforts of young people in the visual media crew of the Palestinian Information Authority and the activation of the youth role of Bialara, with the support of UNICEF. Each episode of "on your voice" lasts an hour and a half of live airtime a week.
This programme marks a turning point in Palestinian television policy; all the members of the crew it prepares and offers are Palestinian youth, aged 15 to 25, discussing youth issues, rights, needs and hopes. The programme also addresses social and political conditions on the ground and highlights youth initiatives along Palestinian geography in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, aimed at positive change in their small communities.
Its authors do not fail to shed light on global events involving young people and their cultural events at the local and global levels.
The programme is characterized by the privacy of the way young people present their subjects as presenters in the various studios and television reports, and by their uniqueness in a smart and special way in asking sensitive questions to decision makers and different officials, in a youthful spirit, and a genuine will for change. The television crew visits various villages and remote areas to be a voice for the marginalized youth.