Sanur is part of the Jenin governorate in the north of the West Bank, located in the southeast of the province. About 550 meter above sea level, Sanur has a majestic castle at the top of the mountain with its features and walls still visible today. The town currently has a population of about 5,000. Historically known as the castle, it overlooks Marj Sanor, the third largest meadow in Palestine with an area of 15,000 dunums.


The castle of Sanur was built in 1785 by Yousef Jarrar to strengthen the dominant position of Jarrars in the Sanur Valley of Jenin. Now it is a fort of limited dimensions, partly inhabited, where a wonderful view can be enjoyed.


Just in front of the mosque, it is possible to see a small door surrounded by a decorated wall, which invites you to enter the courtyard of a traditional ancient Palestinian house.

This is the traditionally restored house of Bassima Abu Ali.

Here it is possible not only to take a look at a traditional house, but also to understand the way of living of the Palestinian people in the 19th century, at home and in the community.

Bassima will also be glad to explain the traditional process used by her grand-mother to produce clothes, embroideries, cushions, necklaces, ornaments.

Address: Mosque str, open after previous notice


The Sanur Women Association was founded in the year 2000. Now, under the president Wild Ali Fihmih +970 599727875, 17 members are active and teach courses in embroidery and cooking for the members and other people. They are also preparing traditional meals like kubbeh, maftoul, maqluba for visitors.

Address: The Women Association, South str., 1 km after the roundabout on the main street. Open after previous notice. Closed Friday. Mob (of the president Wild Ali Fihmih) +972 568 727578.


The guest house, modern and well kept, is led by Rabee Wild Ali, a tourist guide of Sanur, and has 3 rooms with 4,2,3 beds, 2 bathrooms, 1 shower. The total of 9 beds can be increased by extra beds.

Address: On the main road, 500 m. from the roundabout on the bottom of the hill. Always open. For booking: Mob +970 599105560 (Rabee Wild Ali). Email


From the top of the castle, 3 mounts face the village: Tal Heirish (764 m), Tal Aby Jazid (724 m) and Tal Ilan (588 m). The nearest is 4 km from Sanur. After you approach the bottom of the mountains, the top of Tal Heirish can be reached with an easy slope of 2 hours on a well-marked path.

From the top, a splendid landscape can be admired. Going along on the watershed towards Tal Aby Jazid, the new summit can be reached and then Tal Ilan can be reached in another half hour.

Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil, which starts from the village of Romana through the villages of Burqin, Sanur and Arraba, to the village of Beit Merasmus, south of Hebron.

Sufi Trail